You're probably here because you saw, or spoke to, someone who enjoys to kick around a small bean bag in what looks like an unusual dance. I imagine that you are hoping to learn more about said dance -- this is a fine place to start!

Welcome to Footbag Foundations!
This is your one-stop information resource for learning the basics of the sport of freestyle footbag. Inside you'll find a hearty dose of information about the sport, including: what it is, where it came from, and its language (What is footbag?); instructional videos for tricks of varying difficulty from beginner to advanced, including advice on progression and training (How to play); equipment and its purchase and modification, and how to find other players (FAQ); and links to some of the core freestyle footbag websites on the internet (Links)!

Let's start with, "just What is footbag?"

Video: "WRC Footbag: Top Level," by Pawel Rozek.
For best experience, view in full screen at 720p.