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Play for you
As stated on the previous page (How to play), Freestyle footbag requires near-fanatical dedication not only due to the physical demands of the sport, but because it is young, little-known, and underfunded, meaning that the sole reward of training is generally self-satisfaction.

The right equipment will make all the difference
Before beginning, ensure that you have the proper equipment. This is paramount if training is to be achieved most efficiently and frustration withstood. The most important equipment is a proper footbag, shoes, and shorts (cut above the knee, and not too baggy, to permit maximum movement). For thorough advice on selecting the best footbag and shoes, see the Frequently Asked Questions. Additionally, you will need a non-slippery and flat playing surface -- ideally something with a bit of give like a dance studio, a gym floor, or some kind of athletic mat.

Don't give up
Don't be discouraged by the initial difficulty; persevere and always remember to *practice every trick both sides*, with both feet.