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Range of events
Yes. There are myriad freestyle tournaments and events that range from international, to national, to regional, to informal jams, and anything in between, sometimes in partnership with other freestyle sports such as flying disc, football, yoyo, and juggling.

Major tournaments
The World Footbag Championships is the largest and longest-running event, regularly attracting players from North America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. It has been held annually since 1980. Other noteworthy and long-running events include the European Footbag Championships, the US Open, the East Coast Footbag Championships, and the Japan Footbag Championships.

Due to the small and underground nature of the sport, competitive events are not generously supported by corporate sponsors, and hence players are not awarded with monetary prizes. The majority of motivation for progression within freestyle footbag is its adherents' pure love of the sport rather than money or fame.