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Constant training
The easy answer is dedication and practice. Milan Benda, the 2010 world champion, advocates a regimen of 2 hours of training every single day for at least a year to optimally maintain muscle memory and gain the most from the invested exertion. The importance of practice, practice, practice cannot be overstated. The best players in the world have played on a daily basis for years at their peaks. The average, dedicated player will achieve an intermediate-to-advanced level of play after approximately 2 years of daily training. It is ideal to ask for tailored advice directly from top-level players, who can help you develop an effective training program.

Mental clarity
Many players swear by mental training as well, by taking time to physically cross-train in a different sport or activity (for example in the winter months), allowing the muscles used for footbag to rest while taking time off to contemplate and visualize strategies for improvement. An integral component of this strategy is reading and internalizing the highly-acclaimed, near-100-page e-publication by 6-time world champion, Vasek Klouda, with footbag professional, Dan Ednie, The Vasek Klouda Manual: How to Footbag (available at Freedom Footbags for $5US, here.)

Physical well-being
Footbag professional and circus performer, Jorden Moir, recommends ankle stretches to increase flexibility for clipper stalls (the most common stalling surface for freestyle tricks). Maintaining proper dietary habits and physical well-being, through healthy eating and a combination of pre-shred warm-up and post-workout stretching or yoga, are also of utmost importance and benefit. Avoid injury at all costs by caring for your body.

Both sides
Finally, the most valuable advice that you will ever receive is to *learn every trick equally on both sides* of your body and with both legs. This is not only to maintain physical equilibrium, but to increase trick repertoire two-fold. And watch videos of the best players in the world.

Video: "Vasek in Paris 2007 Part 1," by Frank Remy.
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