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There are four great primary resources for matchmaking with a freestyler nearest you:

Footbag Worldwide club listings
In theory, this is the most comprehensive listing of active players, organized by country and hosted by the official website of the International Footbag Players' Association. However, it has been poorly maintained within the past few years, so member and contact information may be outdated.

Nick Polini's Google Maps resource
A recent and ongoing project by one of footbag's most enthusiastic rising stars, Nick Polini, this Google Map seeks to plot every currently active club and individual player for a more visually-oriented player-finding resource. For further details on this resource, read Nick's summary here.

Freestyle Footbaggers (Facebook group)
The Freestyle Footbaggers Facebook group is the current place to have all footbag-related questions answered in a timely manner. The community is wide-spread and one of the 1000+ members is bound to know who plays in or near your area.

As more of a last resort, since the Modified community has fallen from favour in recent years, the Events & Travel subforum is probably the most apt place to pose such a question. It can't hurt to exhaust all four resources, however.