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Footbag Worldwide
Footbag Worldwide (website banner)

The official website of the International Footbag Players' Association (IFPA), the longest running footbag website (since 1994), and the go-to resource for all things footbag. Although containing much outdated content, the site operates as a central hub for the sport while others fade from the web. Vital resources include official event information and past results, club locator services, media depository, and various reference tools particularly valuable for beginning players. It was founded by Steve Goldberg, pillar of the footbag community.

Modified online footbag communuity (banner)

The online freestyle footbag community forums, predominantly active for a productive decade from 2002-2012. While still somewhat in use, the majority of online discussion has recently migrated to the Freestyle Footbaggers group on Facebook. However, Modified still serves as valuable documentation of many thoroughly-discussed topics including equipment, events, past media, and the most content-rich and well-organized vault of community-contributed trick-specific advice on the internet. Modified continues to witness regular, albeit minimal, content creation primarily in the form of individual players' blog posts.

Freestyle Footbaggers (Facebook group)
Freestyle Footbaggers Facebook group (banner)
The currently most active avenue of international online discussion for the freestyle footbag community. While not as content-rich as the above two long-term information repositories, it is a fantastic resource for producing discussion and receiving immediate answers to pressing questions from the world's best players and world champions.