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World Footbag
Official website of World Footbag (banner)

The home of the World Footbag Association (WFA) and the leading distributor of freestyle footbag foot gear since 1983. While the online store offers primarily useless products intended for the sport's players, arguably it's most valuable and consistently-stocked product is the world's most popular footbag shoe, the Adidas Rod Laver tennis shoe, at often discounted prices.

Official website of PlanetFootbag (banner)

The European-based vendor and events-sponsor responsible for the design and production of the first successful shoe intended specifically for freestyle footbag, the Quantum. It is also well-known for the footfighter footbag, as well as the distribution of popular DVDs such as Bringing Out The Shred, Sick 03, and The Move.

Freedom Footbags
Official website of Freedom Footbags (banner)

The longest-running North American-based vendor, run by footbag pioneers Daryl Genz and Sunny Freeman-Genz. Freedom revolutionized the accessibility of quality footbags by producing the inexpensive, professional-grade Mr. Sandbag, which can now be found in non-footbag stores around the world. It also acts as an intermediary in distributing top-quality hand-stitched bags made by high-level players such as Brian Sherrill, Hania Mickewicz, and Richie Abshire.

Fourkast Footbag Company
Official website of Fourkast Footbag Company

Another quality North American-based vendor, founded by footbag pioneer, Ethan Husted. In addition to providing great products, including hand-stitched footbags by high-level players Richie Abshire and Nick Landes, the site also acts as an interactive community hub, rich with articles, interviews, and user-generated media.