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Vasek Klouda
Official website of Vasek Klouda (banner)

From the Czech Republic, Vasek has been hands-down the world's greatest freestyler since his first world championship title in 2002, proving his mettle by winning the following 5 years, consecutively.[15] Arguably, the only reason that he has not won every year since is due to his current focus on freestyle football. He is available for live performances, school workshops, and coaching.

Honza Weber
Official website of Honza Weber (banner)

From the Czech Republic, Honza is the current world champion, protecting his title since 2011.[16] He is sponsored by Nucleus Footwear, Fitness World, MadMax, the Czech Footbag Association, and PlanetFootbag.[17] He is available for live performances.

Tina Aeberli
Official website of Tina Aeberli (banner)

From Switzerland, Tina is a 6-time freestyle world champion in the women's division,[18] as well as the only active female member of the elite team of the world's top-level players, the Big Add Posse (BAP). She can be booked for events via her website.

Hania Mickiewicz
Official website of Hania Mickiewicz (banner)

Hailing from Poland, Hania is not only the 2011 world champion in women's freestyle,[19] but one of the most popular stitchers of high-grade footbags (also maintaining the website, HaniaBag.com). She is available for demonstrations and workshops.